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Terms & Conditions

Client – Company Agreement

All the clients who get their services from Unishost, their services along with the terms are subject to the Unishost Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions are nothing but a simple agreement that consists of all the rules, duties, rights, and obligations of our company. All the final rights belong to Unishost.

Acceptable Policy of Use

All those users and clients associated with Unishost, should follow the policy of usage as it contains all the legal terms as well as blocks all those malicious/illegal behaviour and/or service. All such policies or services including Spam/Block/Hack are strictly prohibited. Other than these, the activities related to such services or programs are not to be allowed by Unishost.

Sign Domain Registration Agreement

All those customers who have just got contracted the Unishost, and are interested for further projects and/or services with Unishost such as Registration, Modification, Transfer, Renew – Domain will have to sign related Domain Registration Agreement as per their needs of services from Unishost.

Privacy Policy

As this is the Privacy Policy, Unishost may require some policies regarding clients’ services or products for better hosting. And all those information that needs to be secure, will surely be safe by Unishost Privacy Policy.

Domain Name Policy

For all those domain names, for which Unishost works – the domain name’s registration and other policies belong to Unishost. Any other or similar domain registrations can be prosecuted as per our Privacy Policy Usage.

Copyright Claims Policy

This policy deals with all the information that is related to any user/clients’ claim for intellectual property available on their websites, after hosted by Unishost. All those information those are currently available on client’s sites, through Unishost’s hosting are here in this policy.

Ownership Changes & Dispute

Any changes or modifications to the hosting account from the client side, are covered in this policy. Moreover, all those responsibilities of the client are covered through the policy.

Professional Service Agreements

Each of our clients, who wish to have any kind of services and/or professional services from Unishost, needs to be aware of the Professional Service Agreements of Unishost.  To buy simple or professional services, the client should be aware of Unishost’s Professional Services.

Contract Policy

Any clients, who join Unishost and want to have their services, will have to follow the contract offered by the Unishost. Moreover, all the vital things along with Contract or Renewal or Modifications to Contract belong to Unishost.

Tax or other Payments

Unishost will not be responsible for any other kind of taxes or payments regarding any other services or charges. Client must be aware that any other tax will only be paid by themselves, not by Unishost.

Terms and Conditions of Unishost

All clients, who want to join any of the program or service associated with Unishost, will first have to read, understand, and accept all the Terms and Conditions issued by the Unishost.

Payment Methodology and Policy

Any kind of payment made by users or customers regarding their received functionalities or projects, total payment or any means of payment must only be given to the Unishost. All the terms and conditions along with all the payment rights are reserved to the Unishost Company Policy.

Any payments made by wire transfer the client should create a ticket under-payment and inform Unishost with a confirmation of remittance payment. If this has not been submitted, the payment may not be accepted.

Anyone, who wants to pay via PayPal or other forms of payment, should also create a ticket under-payment to inform us about paid and stating invoice number. If it is not done, this could cause an account to be suspended.

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